Leroy Faulks Sr. from Orange, NJ PCH Nov.30 2011 WINNER

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..I just wanted to Share this Video, Ya I was playing PCH publishers clearing house also, That is why I looked up to see who Won! :)

Well 1 Thing I can say I am Very Happy It Was Him and Not Some one that that Already had Big Money, That would of pissed me off.
Sh** If I won a extra $5000 a year that would be COOL, Just think about it, it Would be Like a Free 2 week Vocation to Somewhere Nice with the family. That would be Cool.

But Leroy Faulks Sr. from Orange, NJ , Cheers ! I’m happy for ya !!!!

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  1. Comment by rodney — December 1, 2011 @ 9:17 am

    I happy that he won but i noticed its always somebody older. I wish PCH would give you a receipt number,for you will have yourself when you enter. Then you will have an idea,when they pull the number,if you won ,or not to me it looks fixed. I’m against playing the lottery because only GOD can make you rich but lease they have a ticket or number in there hand when they pull the number you knew if you won or not but with PCH you really dont know if you won they can always pull another number because they may fell like you are to young because I believed GOD answered prays and PCH THANK YOU for giving money away but alot of people who’s fortune should do the same.

  2. Comment by admin — December 1, 2011 @ 10:48 am

    noticed its always somebody older

    It can make one wounder, I have noticed to same thing.
    This might be opening a Big can of worms but its something to think about.
    Alot of people could live off just the interest 1 million would make and be happy.
    but $5000 a week in around 4 -5 years would be another million, if I’m correct, witch would make 1 more person a million to live from and so on, every 5 year another person/family. If you think about it, a young person to play cards correct could help out ALOT of familys. It might be bad to say, but there are people out in this world that would not want that.

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