Our Out door tropical area update.

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Here is Pictures, and Lots of work to do yet, and Yes the bar is a 240 gallon koi fish tank.

keep clicking a image to see full size

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Earth Hour 2012 Dare the World to Save the Planet

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Saturday 31 March 2012 6:26 am

Earth Hour 2012
Dare the World to Save the Planet

We only have one planet. You can help protect it. Participate in the world’s largest single campaign for the planet: Earth Hour. It starts by turning off your lights for an hour at 8:30 pm on March 31, 2012 in a collective display of commitment to a better future for the planet. Think what can be achieved when we all come together for a common cause.

Go Beyond the Hour

This Earth Hour we invite you to do more than switch off your lights. We want you to dare the world to save the planet.

“I Will If You Will” is a simple promise and a challenge. Dare anyone (your Facebook friends, co-workers, celebrity crushes) to accept your challenge and help protect the Earth or accept the challenge of someone else.

Visit “I Will If You Will” to see all the challenges and create your own.



<----- Sorry I had to leave my Fish/Coral/Lizard tank lights on.
If I shut my Coral Tank Lights off, they take a chance of not doing very good ;)

Other then that, Lights, Tv, etc, are off or unpluged, Only my PC and Tank Lights are on,,, Hey doing what I can, So Should You !!!!!!!!!
Visit : http://www.earthhour.org/ Or

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my arduino uno reef tank led controller

Posted by admin | House Hold Stuff | Tuesday 28 February 2012 12:06 pm

Here is a pic of my tank controller, as i was testing a few things out.

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January 31, 2012 will asteroid hit the earth ?

Posted by admin | science | Saturday 7 January 2012 6:58 pm

Well i was bored and have heard so many people saying so many bad things about 2012,, Well lets debunk one.

On January 31, 2012, NEO 433 Eros is expected to pass Earth at 0.1787 astronomical units. Yes that is a Small number for a few people that don’t know around about what it =’s

Well Guess what, it = (16.6 million miles away)

every 180 sum years give or take, it has done the same thing.

But can or will we see it ? Um,, NO. well with a good telescope and If you know where to look you could catch it, but way too far away for the naked eye. Yes, we are safe.

now if you are done with fear of the world ending, look up some fun stuff, search: Iron mountain, or planetary defense. Now that stuff can be a brain trip.
Here is something to think about:
Alot of thing’s unknown out there, but for the most part the fear come’s from Not knowing or not fully understanding.
and alot of mistakes have been made from being too cocky or Thinking you really do fully understand.

a youtube video that might help you understand a few things:
Near Earth Objects and Planetary Defence

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Break the Laws of Physics ?

Hello all, Dan, Dan the DIY man here ;)
I know this one might be way out there, compared to most of my posts, But I think It is a topic worth it, and a few of I have talked on the topic to, this might help them understand a little more.
Break the Laws of Physics ? ” or use it “
Well the last few days I have been on youtube ALOT. It has been getting cold out side and I do enjoy recreating machines from our history.
Even tho some of the machines parts can be built from things laying around the house now a-days, back when they were invented parts were hard to come to, It is Still hard to make, even with the correct tools.
From building many of history’s machines, I have gained a Huge respect for there creators. One day when my 6yr old son grows up, he might think I am a crack job for building these machines, But I will hope he understands and makes some of this a common knowledge, If he will do that he will be a little ahead of the game, even in life. I was in my 20’s
when I finally started to understand and have the want to learn more of our human history. “Sorry I don’t know how else to say it, I do not just study USA history I have worked and read on world history machines” Did I re-invent the wheel ? OR simply Make one ;) Making these machines are fun to me, but I do not Re-invent them, I might change a few things after done But that is just my playing around, just like carving out a tire for the Mud, Not Re-inventing it. I hope A-lot of people can understand that. Most Youtube people that build the so called “Free energy” machines are Simply improved or re-worked history machine. And Let me say, Some of them machines are Much more Energy efficient then today’s store bought Items, At time’s it really could be easy to believe they are over unity, “get more out then you put in” Don’t that sound like magic ? Well we All want to believe, But Sorry, for the most part newton’s Law really works like this on earth.

Lets do a Quick Over view of newton’s 3 law of motion:
1. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

2. The relationship between an object’s mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.

And 3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Sorry boys and galls, But can agree They are not going to be broken on Earth, BUT only in a cert-en sence. Some might say Laws are made to be broken ;) But think about it this way, You must understand the law so you can Go around it and not Get Caught Right ?
With that note, to some of you people that think you do not need to know the Law of Physics, you will get caught by the law, Unless you have what some people call DUmb luck ;) To me that sound’s like Alot of work and money out the window.

Here is a Cute Youtube Video I found on this topic, take a look:

Sorry I had to post that Video, Yes it is intended to be a JaB to the face by the few comments she makes. “overunity” Yes you can get more Power out of a pulse machine then you put in, BUT they don’t tell the full story. A thing called, Back EMF “Electro magnetic field” Is what most people Aim for when they create these machines. BUT if you do not under stand How a voltage multiplier or transformer Works, You might be easily lead to believe this is a usable machine in the common home.
When they Show you how many Volts are going into the machine and coming out, Yes I have seen Alot higher number on the output.
But Do not forget AMPS, there is more then one part of electricity in that same current, That is what the Job of a simple transformer will do,
Example: Lower the AMPS to get Higher Voltage.
just like a Tesla Coil
“Fun to see and play with, But there is Danger, be safe”

But lets move on. ;) “God this is starting to be a long post, Oh well”
Woops, I had company stop and bring my floor jack back, and had a cup of coffee with me, Sorry I kinda lost where I was at ;)

Oh, Ya, I was going to get into a few different types of history engines.
But I will not bore you with them all, If you want to chat about Other types with me, That is cool Lets do it.
Lets talk about Mother nature for a second. Now She like’s to provide help, But don’t try to break her Law’s , If you try, She has eye’s in the back of her head, You will be caught and your machine “Idea” will not work correctly. Any of that ring a bell ?

BUT again, If your a future Wizz kid bound to become the next greatest layer when you grow up, you Might use a Bunch of her laws to your advantage. ENERGY is All Around Us ;)
Some can be harnessed easily, while other most people never knew it is there simply due to how small scale it is.
There are a few types of energy this comment will not apply to, but for the most part the smaller scale types of energy is also much harder to collect a usable amount for our normal everyday homes. ” Just to let you know I am Not a everyday home, We use ALOT of power”

But as the New’s channels say, we are going green with this new technology, I say BULL . It is NOT new !! It is only on a Larger scale that hardly any one that Needs it can not afford it !
Do you Think If was a Millionaire I would be looking into Building my own Windmill ? HA! ya right, I would not be taking this amount of time Just for blue prints, I would buy most of the parts Pre-made ;) hehehe, ya I’m a DIY guy at Heart. But still I hope you get my point. Any Sorry Every one, That $500 EBAY windmill will NOT lower much of a electricity bill, and yes It is very Hard to understand how you would know what windmill would be right for you.
If you have Questions about windmill’s Yess I will help what I can. But Just to let you know If the wind mill you Look at Say’s What ever power Output rating, Like that $500 Ebay stuff, You might get lucky on a Normal 6-9 mph wind day to get 20w. Even with a battery bank and the loss of energy threw the DC to AC inverter you will only see penny’s different on you bill. If its for a Barn, Old hunting cabin, RV, GO for it, if you have the cash, But be smart about it.

As far as the Laws of Physics and Newton’s Three Laws
of Motion, Don’t take and rude comments from people to heart, Keep Learning and Try Studying the Laws and work with them, you Just might Find a way to Use them to your advantage to Invent a machine to harvest the energy around us. No that is not really Breaking the laws its using the laws to your advantage ;) ” And yes at times It will sound and look like you broke them, but you actually used them.”
Simple examples:
Wind mill
water “water wheel, etc..”
” Think about it” Mother nature don’t care how heavy something is unless the actual weight of it changes, Pulley’s might make it easier for You to pull it up, But gravity “mother nature” still will work the same and say No you Don’t, the Weight of the actual item has not changed.

So to end things, I’m going to say this. always try to have fun and enjoy learning how things work, and improve and be Safe.
BUT remember if mother nature or somthing else did not put it in motion , Where you put it in motion or someone else did, it’s 9 out of 10 not going to work. Granted All this involves here on Earth, But I say that Why? Gravity is a B**** ;) I’m very sorry for saying that but I could not resist. ;)

Well, I Hope this was a Fun Read to you all, Keep thinking, Have Fun, Be safe !!!!

Dan, Dan The DIY Man, Cheer’s!
“Oh, shoot, out of coffee ..brb….Coffee…… Cheer’s!”

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Leroy Faulks Sr. from Orange, NJ PCH Nov.30 2011 WINNER

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I just wanted to Share this Video, Ya I was playing PCH publishers clearing house also, That is why I looked up to see who Won! :)

Well 1 Thing I can say I am Very Happy It Was Him and Not Some one that that Already had Big Money, That would of pissed me off.
Sh** If I won a extra $5000 a year that would be COOL, Just think about it, it Would be Like a Free 2 week Vocation to Somewhere Nice with the family. That would be Cool.

But Leroy Faulks Sr. from Orange, NJ , Cheers ! I’m happy for ya !!!!

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14,000+ comments

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Wednesday 30 November 2011 8:47 pm

14,000+ comments to My Blog.

… I’m ……. I don’t know what…. Just Wow , Thank you all that is not spam for the kind words.
I did think more would be spam, but so far as I am reading, not very many.

Here is a screen picture.

I just really don’t know what to say.
But I can say I will try harder to record and post my DIY then i have been doing, Sorry I have been lazy, not been taking pictures like i was.

If anyone would like to see a DIY posted of there choice that i have the skill to do, or easily can require the skill, Let me know. I will Pick one every now and then and post a DIY of it ;)

Thanks again ! keep them coming.

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People sending Email for News Daily 7, a work at home.

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Tuesday 15 November 2011 9:45 am

Just a Quick Post, me blowing off Steam from Spam phone calls and Emails. this one advertised a “News Daily 7, a work at home” site.
Let me first say Why I’m posting this: “Anyone wanting to learn or is in the process of, or a vet, could learn something from this”
I understand the economy is bad, but it still don’t give a good reason not to help your self Grow in a better manner.

This is the Email, I replied. The bad part was the email had Everyone that it got sent to with there email address, a beginner mistake. Fine. But even if you dont have the cash or want a paid autoresponder account, there are many free scrips to are made for newsletters that work well with out sharing everyone’s info. or Walking the line or over the line of Spam,,,,,, Yes I’m also talking to you 2000 People that make SPAM comments here on my blog.

Inbox message:

hey there.
I wanted to amount to something this is so unique its crazy how the tables have turned I could never steer you wrong


talk to you later

Message I replied back to all:

Forward:Please stop the Spam

I have been getting Many emails and phone calls from many people.

The call that got me out of bed was a call wanting me to pay $200 for a pre-made site /template

to promote travel,osity how ever you sell it, they advertise all the time on TV, but claim $99 in your account

for every sale you make. They are not giving you anything thing, they are using you to make themselves more money.

Then I get This Email from some laidy Amanda Paschal with a Yahoo email account, I own mine”Seoaftermath”

Well I’m getting tired of People advertising in the way of SPAM.

Amanda if you read this, take note’s

1: any good Online marketer/affiliate, what ever Should know, Buying leads “people’s contact info” is a Wast of time and money, and 70% of the time your wasting the time of the people you contact. Even if that person did want info on a Online biz from home, don’t mean they wanted YOUR info. That is not to say anything bad about you, it is to point out there is Such a thing a targeted traffic, and network traffic. It walks a Very fine line of Spam and will wast A-lot of time. Look into “SEO” and Splash page, contact people that only Want your info.

2: Take the time to learn exactly how the online cash you make is made. Do not get taken on them So called great deals where you pay them for a website, and promote There Products, If I’m going to become a affiliate of a company to sell there products, They will pay ME.

3: IF at any time I loss you with some of the words I use, Google it. And yes I am a stay at home dad, that has years of Online Marketing under my belt, Me my self I stay away of network marketing, but like affiliate sales. and no i have never sold anything on ebay, or have any products in my hand unless i buy it for my self.

And as far as how everyone says a 6 figure income, fine I don’t care, to me that make’s them sound self centered and not all that smart about what they do, or how it is made. The truth is You can make as little or as much as you want online as long as you know how your money is made. Yes that 6 figure can start to look small if you Enjoy doing online marketing. “Key word ENJOY” it is that way with any biz, Just there are so many people playing people top dollar for some of the most simple things, that might take you a day on your own.

People basic html Template’s/ Splash page’s Are free most places. Alot of company’s give access to Free accounts for blogs. “yes Youtube is a Video Blog” You dont even need to know Html, I do simply due to way Back I wanted to make My Own Sites. It is not that hard, As long as you can google and read.

4: As a matter of fact I might even Put this Email in my Blog, But I will not be Rude and include people’s email addresses. If you are good at what you do or promote and injoy it and understand every thing about it, people will come to You, Dont worry about the cash at first, worry about your self, and become the best you can at what you enjoy doing.

There I now feel better. Now if people just listen

;) by the way I do have Picture’s and shipping times for my Checks I have been getting from Inbox, I’m now a gold member. So yes it has my Thumbs UP :) So if you do want something easy for in free time and make a little extra cash and to experiment with if you are new to that stuff and want to know how it works, give it a try just to see if you like it, then maybe move on to bigger and better things. learn as you go;)

Here is the link Again;)

any Questions just ask.

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Have fun making cash online.

Posted by admin | Uncategorized | Monday 5 September 2011 6:45 am

Hello, all !!!

I was really not sue if I wanted to post this or not, it really don’t relate to DIY. But it is somthing we have been having fun at.  You dont make much doing this but if your a person with some free time and can keep at somthing, They DO pay out !

a $5 sign up bonnus makes things a little quicker the first time around,  But a extra $30 is a extra $30,  I’m not that good at the games, bt my wife has won a few, we just got paid threw paypal $17.50  for 2 games she won.

I downloaded there Tool Bar and got a extra $1, and it will make things easyer to see when you get new emails to click threw.

It is nothing Fast but just using a little free time each day or two for the month can make a extra $30.   $30 bucks is a basic TV bill, Internet Bill, or going out to dinner, you get the point :)

Here is the Link to Sign up,  yes PayPal makes it more easy to collect payment,  And No I have Not bought anything !!!  Yes there are a few Offers where you can buy stuff and get Cash back, But we stay to Only the Free stuff with no credit card info needed. :)   If they wanted that I would not be doing it.  

And YES I make a little If you use this link to sign up, So far it looks like I get a Extra 0.10 cents.  So if you do Join inboxdollars Help a guy out and Use this banner :)   Have a Great Day !

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Green house going Green, DIY #2 build

Posted by admin | D.I.Y Garden supplies | Friday 12 August 2011 8:55 am

This was Just a nutty year, with Many issues.

I will not be at the Farm markets this year with a booth, just a honnor system out front by the road.

Tearing down our DIY Green house ” Yup the one I keep a very long Thread going on with pictures here about and info” That would be a Old post by now

BUT even with all the issues I had this year, I WILL be Ready for next year
Starting a new Green house DIY Build, and it will be going Green for Power, Heat, and Cooling.
Solar power for Lights and pumps, Solar Air Heat Storage for night time and cold days, and a Fogger/mister for collected rain water for cooling.

This one will be the same size as the last 10 x 12, But more room for Flats and pots and Built with big 4ft x 8ft windows and with plastic inside, For the roof we will be using sheets of that Clear stuff used on steal building for sky lights.

A green house Going Green for power, heat, cooling needs.
I will be posting in this same Topic/thread for this build as I go, And maby even a Video now and then and not all just pictures like last time.
If everything works out well, I will try and Grow a Tomato plant and pepper plant during Winter Just to see what happens

Just a quick thought, if this works I should make the heating mods to my house
But it Starts today 8/12/2011 , so Check back here every once in a while, it will be a slow process But i will try to keep up to date Just like the last Build Have a Great Weekend !!!!!!!!

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